"Darcy McCartney is the consummate professional, and perhaps the most talented businessperson I've ever worked with (and this coming from someone who is demanding and not easy to please).  She works tirelessly FOR you and WITH you.  She calmly dots every "i" and crosses every "t" while putting you always at ease.  Her disarming charm, intelligence, good humor and wit made buying a house as comfortable as dinner with friends. 

When we were shopping for an agent, Darcy McCartney was the only one to ask us the most important question of all:  What is your dream?  We told her, and then she worked her tail off to help us fulfill that dream.  She was always attendant to our needs and never dismissed our worries and concerns.  She is fabulously patient and always took the time to answer our questions, address our every anxiety.  She made one of life's most traumatic and difficult tasks almost fun.

I often tell "Darcy" stories to my friends on the mainland.  After hearing four or five, this is what they always say:  "Dang.  Is there any way she could represent us long distance?"  "Sorry," I have to tell them, "she's Kauai's treasure and we're not sharing her with anyone."  Darcy McCartney is so immensely talented I often wish she were also my accountant, my contractor, my dentist and my psychiatrist.  Enough said.  
~ Joseph and Tamara B., Kapaa, HI 


"Other than being a sweet, bubbly, positive, very, very knowledgeable in Kauai Real Estate, Darcy is a professional in all senses of the word.  She was always available to us when we had questions and never did we feel rushed to make a decision.  We spent many hours in her office looking at MLS listings with our always endless barrage of questions; which Darcy was always eager to answer - happily!  The home we wanted to buy had multiple offers, but with Darcy's knowledge of the process, we were the winners!  The entire process of securing the loan and having Darcy making sure all the T's were crossed and the i's dotted - what can be a tedious, sometimes hair pulling process, was virtually the best home buying experience we ever encountered.  Did I mention that we were even on the mainland for most of the process and Darcy managed to still keep everything and everyone on track?  If you want a realtor who is honest, knows the Kauai market, and who will definitely always "be on your side", then Darcy is the one for you!  We love you Darcy!!
~ Rusty and Linda H., Kapaa, HI
"Thank you so much for the superb job you did helping us purchase our home on Kauai.  Since it was a short sale, we all had to be very patient and when the bank finally agreed to the sale of the property we were expected to move at the speed of light.  Without your help during this time, the sale may not have been completed; especially since we were off island.  A special thank you also for making sure the yard was in reasonable shape when we took over the property, the bank and previous owners had let the ball drop.  We will not hesitate to use your services when we buy or sell in the future and are more than willing to recommend you to anyone else"
John and Karel A., France and Kapaa, HI


"We have been involved with Darcy in real estate transactions since 2004.  She has taken care of us on two separate purchases.  We have referred her to various friends through the years because we know how competent and honest she is.  Darcy always looks out for her clients best interest.  She is working with you every step of the way.  She makes sure all the paperwork is in order and goes over everything with you, be it small or large.  She always has time for you and is very patient when explaining things to you.  She definitely knows her business.  We trust Darcy completely and would never choose a different realtor to do business with."
Paul and Gloria B., Kapaa, HI



"I met Darcy very early in my musings about Kaua'i real estate. I walked into an open house she was holding at one of her upscale listings. I was still dressed in my very grubby work clothes. Darcy treated me like visiting royalty and a serious prospect. She followed up and notified me of different properties, one of which I purchased. She exhibited a good sense of value and had actually listened to me! When I wanted to purchase another piece she stayed with me for 3 years while I worked through my financial convolutions and refined my needs. She kept me up to date on the market even while I was traveling in Asia for months at a time. She was always patient and supportive. Because of Darcy I now am living in the place I've envisioned for decades. Darcy is a dream to work with and has become a good friend. Do yourself a favor and call her."
Karen K., Kapaa and Kilauea, HI



Darcy's enthusiastic attention to detail defines professionalism!  She educated and guided us through the selling process and made us feel comforted and secure in all decisions.  Darcy took the extra steps to produce the extra mile in our bottom line!  Thank you Darcy.
Gary S. and Fred S., Fresno, CA and Kapaa, HI
"Buying a home is an exciting time in anyones life.  Especially when it's your first home.  When I knew I was ready to make that purchase, the first person I thought of was Darcy McCartney.  I knew Darcy was a real estate agent - I knew lots of real estate agents on Kauai.  The reason she came to mind first was because of who she is as a person.  I've known her since I arrived on island in 2000.  She was and is always kind to everyone, compassionate, conscientious, professional, hard working, a get her done kind of gal and smart, smart, smart.  I trusted her to lead me in the right direction.  

When we started working together, I had one more thing to learn about Darcy.  She cared about the choice I made.  Even when the choice made her less money.  I was looking at single family homes that were in my price range.  She found several homes that fit what I wanted and several that had rentals attached to them.  Once we looked at them all, she sat me down and walked me through the pros and cons of each one.  I was leaning more towards a home that was a single family.  She sat back and asked me to entertain an alternative.  The alternative was to choose a home that had a rental on it to make sure that, in the event the mortgage was a burden, I could use the rent to make up the difference.  She had me crunch numbers in front of her.  And watched me weigh out the two alternatives.  She was right.  It was brilliant and put me in a much better situation long term.  I purchased a home I loved with a rental attached to it. 
Two years later, Darcy found an income property for a great deal.  She thought of me and called to have me come look at it.  I did, I bought it and now I live virtually mortgage free.  My property pays for itself.  Living in Hawaii is expensive.  The situation I'm in is a miracle.  I would not be in this wonderful situation if it was not for following my gut and choosing Darcy McCartney as my real estate agent.  Thank you Darcy.  It's so nice to know that you are out there, with such heart, helping others just like me."
Kristine Y., Kapaa, HI
"Working with Darcy McCartney makes for a wonderful journey!  She truly listens to what it is you are looking for in house, home, property.  The "lay of the land" and fruit trees were very important to us.  Darcy had an understanding of this, partly from graduating with a degree in Agro-Forestry, working with the Nature Conservancy and other alliances.  She is a great guide through the jungle of paperwork, inspections, deadlines, etc.  No worries about that!  Highly responsive, a great listener and a deeply creative woman...A true blessing in our lives as we purchased our first home.  We looked for two years with Darcy and never felt "pushed".  We absolutely love our home and we love Darcy.  Mahalo nui Darcy."
Owen and Natalie M., Kalaheo, HI 
"Darcy is a total pleasure to work with.  She figures out what you're looking for and researches those types of options.  She is on the ball without being pushy.  Because Darcy so eagerly sought out information and clarity on our property, we were saved thousands of dollars and lots of headaches.  She gained us another 4,000 square feet of land by checking that the property lines were drawn correctly on our lot plan (which they weren't).  I will always use Darcy for any real estate transaction and recommend her to anyone I know who is looking at property."
Chris and Don M., Kapaa, HI 
"Over the years, we have purchased many properties.  Purchasing our home in Kalaheo and working with you on this purchase was a very pleasant experience for us.  Your enthusiasm for your work, your expertise in real estate transactions, and your own personal touch that "tailored" our transaction, sold us (our ohana) that you are in the top tier of real estate professionals!  Without a doubt, we would ask to work with you again and again should we need to purchase or sell any Hawaii property.  So, from the bottom of our heart, a big MAHALO from our ohana for the work you did on our home purchase.  Wishing you, Darcy, the very best of luck going forward.  I'm sure we'll be talking."
Pat and Sandy C., Deerfield, NH, and Kalaheo, HI
"My wife and I had the unique experience of working with Darcy not once, but twice.  She helped us when we bought our property in 2005 and then again when we sold our home that we built on that property in 2010.  Her knowledge, help and attitude were all first class.  Never any pressure!!  Darcy also made the paperwork that goes along with buying and selling very easy to deal with.  All in all, a great experience."
Jimmy and Patty H., Kapaa, HI
"Darcy was one of the first people that I met on this island about 9 years ago.  She is not only professional, dedicated and hard working, she is very nice and funny too.  My husband and I had been trying for a few years to buy a house but without any results so when we found out Darcy was a realtor, we called her up.  I am a very particular person when it gets down to buying a house...very picky and demanding.  Ok, let's just say difficult.  We had met many other realtors prior to calling Darcy and I wasn't impressed at all.  As soon as Darcy started to look for a house for us, it was another tune....

She is very, very sharp and smart and she immediately understands your needs and works to satisfy them.  (Instead of trying to sell you anything that she has in her pocket like everybody else did.)  It doesn't matter if it is her listing or not, she would do anything to satisfy your needs.  All of a sudden, after a month of searching, I fell in love with a house but after we looked into it carefully, Darcy highly recommended that we not buy it as it had so many problems.  She wouldn't sell you something just to sell it.  Darcy makes sure everything is done correctly.  I would recommend her to anybody, which I have done for many years now.  MAHALO Darcy for being here for all of us!.  PS  I love our house!"
Isabella N., Kapaa, HI (via Rome, Italy)
"Darcy worked really hard to find our property in Kapaa.  We live in California and she made the whole long distance buying process a breeze!  We loved working with her and were impressed with her professionalism and her knowledge of the Kauai real estate market.  Mahalo Darcy!"
Lou and Marie D., Califonia (soon to be living in Kapaa) 
"Darcy was very easy to work with and responsive when we purchased our first property on Kauai.  With her expertise and professionalism, she helped our transaction go smoothly and successfully.  When we were shopping again for property, years later, my husband and I really appreciated all the time and advice Darcy gave to us.  Darcy shared her expertise and knowledge about the areas we were interested in and her professionalism showed well when she interacted with other agents.  We highly recommend Darcy to anyone who's interested in purchasing real estate on Kauai."
Cecilia and Bobby K., Kapaa, HI
"I met Darcy several years ago while she helped me sell two of my condo's that I had and she advised me of the right price to list it at and sold both within a short period of time.  Through the years, I have called on her for advice on financing and future purchases.  Now, after all these years, I have called on her again to find a home to purchase, that would fit me best.  I don't only consider her my realtor, but one of my good friends."
Chris R., Lihue, HI

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